4 goals for 2020

Posted by Martha Flores Vega on

Some people call them resolutions others call them goals, I will choose to call them intention. I want to be intentional about this new year. Little smalls steps will make all the difference. 

1. Journal- I want to be able to open my journal a year from now and see the difference.

2. Take a Sabbath- Working too much is over glorified. I want to take care of the only 1 body that is given to me. Also, this will be a day to just spend with all the people I love.

3.Get Organized- I am a creative who has all my thoughts and things in every direction. I want to find techniques to everything organized. 

4.New experiences- I am very inclined to novelty & newness. I will probably start with food since that is the best place to begin. 

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